Albright Training Center: Making Reservations and Planning Your Visit

Making Reservations at Albright Training Center

Albright Training Center classrooms and training resources are available for Federal and State agencies, community and non-profit groups and partners. In order to utilize the student residences you must be in official travel status.

To make facility use or lodging reservations, contact our Lodging Coordinator via phone (928-638-7984) or email.

For facility use reservations, please fill out and return the Albright Facility Use Request Form to our Lodging Coordinator.

For student residence reservations, please fill out and return the Albright Lodging Request Form to our Lodging Coordinator.

If you wish to have a guest accompany you during your stay at Albright, please fill out and return the Albright Additional Guest or Child Request Form to our Lodging Coordinator.


All use is subject to availability. Priority will be given to NPS Servicewide and Learning and Development programs. Please be advised that we may cancel reservations if a priority group needs to use the facility during your dates of stay.

Getting to Albright Training Center

Albright Training Center is located at Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim near the historic Grand Canyon Village.

For more information on transportation options and alternatives (trains, buses, etc.), please visit the Grand Canyon National Park Travel page.

Driving in Northern Arizona

Map of area around Albright
Map of Northern Arizona region

Northern Arizona is a very remote and sparsely populated area; in the event of an emergency help may be distant and difficult to contact. Rough terrain and distance between cell towers often means spotty and limited cell phone reception.

When driving to and from Albright Training Center:

  • Carry a map, additional food and water.
  • Know your route and driving times; it often takes much longer to travel between landmarks than people realize.
  • Make sure your vehicle has a spare tire and functional jack.
  • Check the weather and be prepared for seasonal issues (excessive heat, snowstorms, summer monsoon rains, spring windstorms, etc.).
  • Be aware of wildlife along roadways, particularly at dawn and dusk.

Preparing for your stay at Albright Training Center

Northern Arizona’s weather can be unpredictable throughout the year, so it is important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions.

  • Mornings and evenings can be chilly even in summer. Dress in layers to easily adjust to the temperature of the day.
  • Summer monsoon storms in July and August can bring sudden and strong afternoon rains, as well as lightening, hail and winds.
  • Winter snows often leave sidewalks and trails icy and snow packed well into spring.
  • Check Grand Canyon Village’s local weather forecast before you visit to know what to expect.

For more information on hosting a training or staying at Albright, please visit the Albright Training Center Home Page.

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