Reference Manual #18 (RM18) – Wildland Fire Management

What It Is

Reference Manual #18 – Wildland Fire Management┬ácontains the most detailed and comprehensive instructions for implementing servicewide wildland fire management programs for the National Park Service.

The manual provides NPS field employees:

  • Legal references,
  • Operating policies,
  • Standards,
  • Procedures,
  • General information,
  • Recommendations, and
  • Examples to assist them in carrying out NPS Management Policies and the Director’s Order.

The document is intended to be read in its entirety as there are interrelationships among the chapters.

Why It Matters

RM18 establishes a consistent system-wide framework for planning for, responding to and recovering from wildfire incidents. This framework helps ensure the safety of firefighting personnel, NPS personnel and the public and the protection of natural and cultural resources.


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