Receive Credit for Your CLP Activity

Get Credit for your CLP Badges in DOI Talent

DOI Talent does not automatically track the learning you do in the Common Learning Portal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get credit for the experiences you’ve had here. And the process for getting that credit is simple!


Step 1: Login to your DOITalent account. Under the “My Learning” menu in DOI Talent, choose “Record of Learning.” Click on the “Other Evidence” tab.

A screenshot of the DOI Talent Learning of Record page. The "My Learning" tab is highlighted with a red box and the text: "Select Record of Learning from the My Learning drop down." The "Other Evidence" tab is also highlighted with a red box and accompanying text: "Select 'Other Evidence.''"

Step 2: Click “Add Evidence.”

A screenshot of the Record of Learning page with the Add Evidence button highlighted with a red square and the words: "Select the button 'Add Evidence'"

Step 3: Fill out the following fields:

  • For Evidence Name, you can enter “CLP Badge – [Name of the Badge]”
  • For Evidence Type, choose “Certificate of Completion”
  • For Description, you can copy-and-paste the text from your badge’s description page.
  • For Provider/Vendor, enter “NPS Common Learning Portal”
  • Upload a screenshot of your badge that also includes your user profile image/name as well.*

Pertinent fields that must be filled out are highlighted in red with text next to each field indicating the action that needs to take place to complete the field. For example, the "Evidence Name" field is highlighted with the text: "For Evidence Name, enter "CLP Badge - [Name of Badge]" and an arrow pointing to the field. All the information in this image also appears on the webpage.

* For this step, take a screenshot of the badge you’ve earned AND a screenshot of your profile image/username so we know it’s you! 😊 Upload both screenshots to the “File attachments” field. See the screenshots below for an example!

A screenshot of the page for the CLP Champ badge. It has a picture of the badge and the badge description below the title and a bar that reads "You have earned this achievement!"

Screenshot of a user's profile on the CLP; screenshot focuses on the user's profile picture, name, and username.

Contact Information

Do you have additional questions? Contact the Customer Support Center for instructions via phone 1-888-367-1622 (menu option 3, then 6 – Monday – Friday, 6am – 5:30pm, MT) or email the DOI Talent Helpdesk at Learning_DOITalent@ios.doi.gov.

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