Preservation of Wilderness Character


This training is hosted by the WASO Wilderness Stewardship Division with support from the Workforce Inclusion and Diversity (Learning and Development Program), Natural Resource Stewardship and Science, and Visitor and Resource Protection Directorates.  Interested persons must apply when course is announced and shall be notified by the program manager.  This course may be offered once or twice a year.

The course is specifically designed for park wilderness coordinators and superintendents from parks with designated, recommended, and/or proposed wilderness. The training will emphasize:

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) to help parks comply with the Wilderness Act mandate
  • NPS policy to “preserve wilderness character”
  • Providing assistance for parks to successfully achieve the Wilderness 2020 Vision goal to “complete wilderness character inventories in the National Wilderness Preservation System and track changes to wilderness character over time”
  • Participants will be introduced to the interagency Wilderness 2020 Vision plan with discussion on how the NPS can help execute the vision
  • Opportunities will also be provided to identify and discuss service-wide wilderness stewardship issues and solutions

This course seeks to articulate the tenets of the Wilderness Act of 1964 and integrate the preservation of wilderness character into park management and operations.

Learning Objectives

Enabling objectives include:

  1. Understand the mandates of the Wilderness Act of and NPS policy regarding preservation of wilderness character
  2. Understand and apply the nationally standardized definitions of the qualities of wilderness character as derived from the Wilderness Act
  3. Complete the wilderness character “building blocks” including wilderness character narratives, baseline assessments, and ongoing monitoring
  4. Integrate wilderness character preservation into park planning, management and operations, including application of the Minimum Requirement Analysis (MRA) process
  5. Support the interagency Wilderness 2020 Vision

Additional Information

Target Audience: Priority will be given to park/unit wilderness coordinators and superintendents or deputy superintendents from parks with designated, recommended, and/or proposed wilderness. Regional Wilderness Coordinators and members of the National Wilderness Leadership Council are also encouraged to attend.

Class Size:  30 Participants (maximum).

Tuition:  No tuition.

Travel Costs and Logistics:  Lodging and meals will be provided on site and costs will be within prescribed per diem limits for the area.  Travel arrangements will be made prior to the course with instructions and information sent out to selected participants close to course date.

Financial Aid: Selected participants will be eligible to receive financial aid to defray a significant portion of their travel costs and cap. The specific amount provided will be dependent on the amount of cost sharing the applicant can provide through their benefitting account.

Pre-course Work:  Selected participants are encouraged to complete the online Wilderness Act of 1964 course through the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center.

NPS Contact:  Roger Semler (202-513-7220).

Facility Information: TBD for each course.

There are currently no scheduled classes for this course.

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