Preservation Briefs provide guidance on preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring historic buildings. These NPS Publications help historic building owners recognize and resolve common problems prior to work. The briefs are especially useful to Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program applicants because they recommend methods and approaches for rehabilitating historic buildings that are consistent with their historic character.

These 48 publications provide in-depth information about various aspects of historic preservation. Many provide guidance on the appropriate treatment of traditional building materials such as slate roofing, plaster, and masonry. Others address architectural features including storefronts and porches, or focus on the reuse of specific building types such as historic gas stations and barns. Additionally, this publication series covers broader themes such as how to understand architectural character and making historic buildings accessible.


What you’ll find

The Preservation Briefs series currently contains 48 briefs on a wide range of preservation subjects and structures. Visit the Preservation Briefs website for the full series. Some examples include:


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