Preservation Brief 46: The Preservation and Reuse of Historic Gas Stations


Across the United States, however, gas stations are slowly being rediscovered for their historic significance. They have even been included on statewide endangered property lists. Historic stations are increasingly appreciated for their contribution to the character of a neighborhood, and the way they are easily adapted for new uses. Preservation Brief 46 provides guidance on assessing the significance of historic gas stations and encourages their preservation by providing information on the maintenance and repair of existing structures. This Brief also describes appropriate rehabilitation treatments, including conversion for new functions when the historic use is no longer feasible.

The unique features and characteristics that define historic gas stations can be respected and preserved through sensitive maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation. Such work minimizes unnecessary alterations and ensures that the building continues to contribute to the character and vitality of its community.

Preservation Briefs are produced by the NPS office of Technical Preservation Services and provide guidance on preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring cultural resources in ways that are consistent with their historic character.

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