Using Visuals for Effective Presentations and E-Learning


Have you ever wondered why so many PowerPoint presentations are so bad? We’ve all suffered through bad presentations: identical slides filled with bullet points accompanied by a presenter reading each slide word for word. Meanwhile, the audience is bored and impatient to move on, or they mentally check out entirely. How can you escape “Death by PowerPoint?” Is there a way to create PowerPoint presentations that are interesting, informative and memorable?

In this video series from BrightCarbon, you’ll learn how poorly designed slides can work against you, quick ways to make your slides stand out and support your message,how to turn text into effective visuals and how to make your presentation visuals interactive.

Copyright note: These videos are used with permission from BrightCarbon.

Watch the Videos

Part I: The Need for Visuals: Visual Presentations

This five minute video gives an overview of why most slide presentations fail, how a slide’s design can keep an audience from understanding your message, and how using visuals can support and reinforce your message.

Part II: Three Design Hacks for Better Visual Presentations

Learn how to properly use a slide’s background, text and iconography to make a visually appealing and powerful slide.

Part III: Why Presentation Zen Doesn’t Always Work

Find out why just using pretty images isn’t enough and how your visuals must always add value to your presentation.

Part IV: The Visualization Process for Effective Presentations and e-Learning

This 14 minute video takes you through the 6-step process for turning text-based content into visual content.

Part V: Make Your Visual Content Interactive

How do you keep your audience engaged when the presenter isn’t physically present? Find out how creating interactive visual content can make your e-learning effective and engaging.


  • Think about the last presentation you created. How could you use the information and tips from this video series to make your presentation more visually engaging?
  • Do you want to find out more PowerPoint presentation tips? See what PowerPoint resources are available on the CLP!

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