How to be a Better Presenter: Myths and Tips


When a presentation goes bad, we often blame the presenter for the failure. Most information on giving good presentations focuses on how to improve soft skills such as posture, tone of voice and delivery or how to relax and ease nervousness. However, none of these soft skills can help a presenter if they are using poorly designed slides or if the audience doesn’t understand or care about the presenter’s message.

This video from BrightCarbon addresses myths of good and bad presentations and offers tips on improving your presentations. The video covers how to prepare for a presentation, creating slides that support, rather than undermine, your message, and how to best engage with the audience to ensure they stay focused on your presentation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Myths about good and bad presentations
  • Creating engaging slide content
  • Drawbacks to using a script
  • Tips for better delivery and getting the audience to care about your message
  • Engaging and interacting with the audience using your stance and eye contact

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What presentation mistakes do you see most often? How can you use the information from this video to improve your results that next time you give a presentation?

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