Preparing for NPSNext

Prepare for NPSNext

Watering Can IconStep 1: Set the Planning Process into Motion

Strategic planning can offer renewed focus and a chance to chart a new path. During uncertain times it can feel hard to set aside the time to reflect and plan. It is precisely these times when intentional action is most needed to focus energy and effort.

Before You Begin

Take the NPSNext Readiness Assessment to determine if you are primed to begin the NPSNext process. The questions help you examine components that may impact your park/unit’s effectiveness to engage at this time.

Park Superintendent/Unit Manager: Discuss the results with your supervisor. Determine together when to initiate strategic planning and determine the needed support (See Step 1.1). If you aren’t fully ready yet, start with some structured conversations to lay needed groundwork.

Park/Unit Staff: Although the decision to initiate strategic planning sits with your Park Superintendent/Unit Manager and their supervisor, your responses to the NPSNext Readiness Assessment can help influence timing and inform preparation.

Ready to Go?

Step 1.1 When you are deemed ready to start the planning process, discuss options for securing an NPSNext facilitator to guide the strategic planning process with your supervisor. Selecting the right facilitator, based on the complexity of your park/unit operations and issues, will be key to success.

Found a Facilitator?

Once you’ve selected and secured facilitation support for the NPSNext planning process, start the pre-workshop planning steps:

Step 1.2 Your NPSNext facilitator will initiate a pre-kick off call with the park/unit leadership team to discuss the plan’s components, roles and expectations for engagement, and workshop logistics.

Step 1.3 Park Superintendent/Unit Manager: After you’ve determined workshop timing, participation, and logistics with your NPSNext facilitator:

Once you’ve completed Steps 1.1 through 1.3, move to Step 2: Engage Your People.

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