Pop-Up Interpretation Examples for Audience Centered Experiences


This is a place where people can see successful examples of a pop-up experiences. What is a “pop-up”? They are short, ephemeral interactions where visitors stumble on an opportunity to share their experiences within a resource and connect with that resource.

Ideally examples will be from parks or programs related to the NPS.
Note: a pop-up need not be a “Personal Service” program

Pop-Up Examples

Night Spoken

Grand Canyon National Park

For eight beautiful nights, a vintage cassette recorder was placed on a table at the 2018 Grand Canyon Star Party for visitors to find. A sign next to the old machine invited visitors to record a message to the year 2218, where stars can no longer be seen due to light pollution. They looked up. And they left these responses.

[Video description: A series of pictures and videos of night skies from Grand Canyon and elsewhere, with narration from visitors to Grand Canyon]

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  1. What a great way to allow visitors to be part of their national park. This was a creative product that nailed the emotional connection. The final product was inspiring.


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