National Park Service Office of Policy – A Tool for Administrators


The National Park Service Office of Policy serves an important role in advancing the mission of the NPS. It does so by developing and communicating policy and regulations, and administering the committee management program. The office’s long list of functions includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing counsel and support to the Director on policy matters
  • Communicating NPS policy Service-wide and to the public
  • Providing Service-wide guidance and coordination for the committee management program
  • Providing direction and staff support to the National Park System Advisory
  • Representing the NPS on the U.S. Board on Geographic Names

Staying abreast of the latest information regarding NPS policy is important for administrative professionals. The NPS Office of Policy website is great tool for doing just that. It offers administrators of wealth of resources. With one click of the mouse, administrators can access the latest information and updates regarding NPS policy and regulations.

What you’ll find

The Office of Policy website is extensive. Here are a few quick links for your convenience.


  • What policies and directives most directly impact your job?
  • Does this site help you understand how policies are established and implemented?

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