Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac…What Do You Know?

A pile of three leafed plants
Poison Ivy/Pixaby.
Photo by JamesDeMers

Leaves of three, let them be! “There is a great deal of confusion about poison ivy vs. poison oak, since there are two kinds of poison ivy and two kinds of poison oak. Learn more about poison ivy, poison oak and sumac“. This resource will help employees and visitors learn about and take proper safety precautions when coming into contact with poisonous plants.

What You’ll Find

  • FAQs
  • Identification – Learn the identifiable characteristics of poison ivy.
  • Plant Control – Access a list of plant control service providers.
  • Poison Ivy Stories – Learn from others! Read user stories or submit one of your own.
  • The Rash – Receive general advice and answers to frequently asked questions.

Take the quiz to see how much you’ve learned! 

Additional Resources

Listen to: Don’t Touch! A Scientist’s Advice For Spotting Poison Ivy Before It Ruins Your Summer.” NPR, 8 June 2018.

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  1. Great resource for all that roam the woods. Even if you are not allergic to it now, you can develop an allergy to it if you are overexposed. Also be careful even in the winter if cutting or handling wood- I cut into one of the vines that was attached to the dead tree (see the pics in the link in the article), and didn’t know it was poison ivy- and ended up with a reaction.


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  3. This was a quick and easy reminder for any and everyone! This information is relevant for those who work out in the woods, but also anyone who does basic lawn care or gardening at home.


  4. Coming to NPS from a part of the US that doesn’t get poison ivy, it’s nice to have this much information available BEFORE I learn the hard way.


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