The National Park Service has many agreement templates and template examples available to facilitate various kinds of partnerships; they are listed below.

Agreements Authorized Under DO 32

Standard Cooperating Association Agreement 

The Standard Cooperating Association Agreement and Exhibit B to the Agreement are written in accordance with Director’s Order #32 and Reference Manual #32 and encourage and promote the advancement of a cooperative relationship between the National Park Service and the Cooperating Association.

Additional Documents

Agreements Authorized Under DO 6

Interpretation and Education Services Agreement (Under Revision)

The Interpretation and Education Service Agreement is used to establish a partnership between the National Park Service and a partner to provide the public with interpretation and education services consistent with the standards established in Director’s Order 6; to define the role of the partner; and to encourage through training opportunities for the partner and NPS staff, an increased understanding and appreciation of park resources.

Agreements Authorized Under DO 21

Philanthropic Partnership Agreement

The Philanthropic Partnership Agreement is used to establish a long-term relationship between the NPS and its philanthropic partner and authorize the partner to solicit funds on behalf of the NPS. It is most commonly used with friends groups and similar organizations that intend to have a sustained philanthropic relationship with the NPS. Cooperating associations and other organizations that have a cooperative agreement or general agreement with the NPS may also enter into a philanthropic partnership agreement if they wish to develop a sustained philanthropic relationship with the NPS.

Additional Documents

Partner Design and Construction Agreement

A Partner Design & Construction Agreement or a Donation Agreement is used when a Partner proposes to design, construct, or renovate facilities, structures, or trails located on NPS property, and to donate all work to the NPS.

Philanthropic Support Agreement

A Philanthropic Support Agreement is a formal agreement used to document a short-term or project-specific philanthropic relationship between the NPS and organizations or individuals. These agreements are for financial and/or in-kind support to the NPS for a specific park purpose/project/program or for a limited timeframe.

Considerations in Agreements

Annual Work Plan

The NPS and the partner must approve an Annual Work Plan for each year their agreement is active. The annual work plan outlines the projects and programs that a park or program and an authorized philanthropic partner agree to work on and fundraise for in a specific year. The plan is a collaborative work that aligns the identified needs of a park or program area with the authorized philanthropic partner’s assessment of philanthropic or sponsorship interest in those needs.

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