Federal Lands Transportation Program Implementation Guide


The National Park Service transportation system includes nearly 5,500 miles of paved roads, 4,100 miles of unpaved roads, more than 1400 bridges, and 63 tunnels. These assets are valued at over $35 billion dollars. Together, the National Park Service (NPS) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) jointly administer the Federal Lands Transportation Program. Together, staff professionals seek to provide high-quality and cost-effective transportation systems in the National Park system.

The cover of the FLTP Implementation Guide. Includes the title and a picture of a mountain, forest, and road.
FLTP Implementation Guide. NPS Photo.

This Federal Lands Transportation Program Implementation Guide (FLTP) provides information on roles and responsibilities, goals, policies, planning, coordination, fund sources, budgeting, programming, project development, and project delivery. This version of the guide (2018) updates the processes and procedures for the program last detailed in the 2008 version that, in turn, was an update of the original 1998 program procedures document.

This guide to program implementation was written and edited by the many program stakeholders who contribute to the daily operation and success of the National Park Service Federal Lands Transportation Program. It reflects the cooperative approach of a multi-discipline group of professionals from the headquarters and field staff of the National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration. It provides a working representation of the NPS FLTP best practices and processes.

The guide compiles all the important policies, procedures, and key milestone events at both the project and program levels and is written for a broad audience of readers to give them both a general and detailed accounting on how the program and project delivery aspects of the NPS Federal Lands and Transportation Program works on a day-to-day basis. It provides helpful pointers on how the program works as experienced and detailed by the staff who deliver the annual, multi-million transportation construction program.

What You’ll Find

  1. Chapter 1: Overview – Provides the history of the Federal Lands Transportation Program, as well as a quick look at the program’s structure.
  2. Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities – Learn how the two agencies have established the responsibilities of the National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration and their primary subunits involved with implementing the NPS Federal Lands Transportation Program and certain other federal transportation programs for the National Park Service. This chapter also describes the potential roles of public and private sector partners.
  3. Chapter 3: Transportation Planning and Management Systems – Describes NPS transportation planning processes, reviews federal transportation planning requirements, including long range transportation plans and transportation improvement programs, and discusses various management systems that provide support to this performance-based program.
  4. Chapter 4: Vision/Mission, Goals and Objectives, Performance Indices, and Investment Strategy – Describes the vision and mission of the NPS transportation system, as presented in the NPS National Long Range Transportation Plan (NLRTP). It notes the NLRTP goals and objectives for transportation in national park system units, sets out performance measures to track progress in attaining those goals, and describes the National Transportation Investment Strategy.
  5. Chapter 5: The NPS FLTP and Other Fund Sources – Discusses the sources for funding for the NPS transportation systems and how these funds are dispersed across the bureau’s programs. Other public programs and fund sources, which are used to supplement NPS FLTP projects or fully fund transportation capital projects and services in national park system units, are also described.
  6. Chapter 6: Program Development and Management – Learn how a multi-year program of projects is developed and budgeted and how funding is managed and monitored.
  7. Chapter 7: Design and Construction Project Delivery – Identifies the activities involved in designing and constructing or delivering transportation projects, from the initial project scoping through the completion of construction. Chapter subsections describe the key processes, procedures, and responsibilities of the staffs of the National Park Service and the Federal Highway Administration, in particular the operating units known as the Federal Lands Highway divisions.


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