Park Compendia

What it is

The provisions in a park Compendium focus on protecting public safety and preserving the natural and cultural resources that make the sites unique. They include:

  • Designations
  • Closures
  • Use and Activity Restrictions
  • Permit Requirements
  • Additional Regulations

Superintendent’s Compendia of laws and policies

Each unit of the NPS posts their updated Superintendent’s Compendia on their individual nps.gov Laws & Policies page.

View a few sample compendia:

Why it matters

Park compendia contain the laws and policies that govern the daily functions of each individual National Park Service site. From visitor center hours to the treatment of endangered species, every aspect of park life is documented in these compendia.

“Visitors are responsible for knowing the rules and restrictions for each unit of the National Park System…In complying with the regulations, visitors help us take care of these irreplaceable treasures.” – Superintendent Kayci Cook Collins, 2016.


Have you ever reviewed your park’s compendium? Can you think of individuals or groups who might want to read the compendium? How could the park engage them in reviewing the document? Share your thoughts in the “Review” section below.

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