Parametric Scoring Process


Project revAMP was established to review the Asset Management Program of the National Park Service and identify efficiencies and reduce workload.  As part of this project, the NPS is initiating the Parametric Scoring Process as an improved method for calculating portfolio deferred maintenance.

The parametric scoring approach is faster and less laborious than traditional condition assessments (CAs). The process produces a snapshot of facility health at the portfolio level, not precise deferred maintenance estimates for individual assets. Results show the trend in condition over time and indicate where future resources should be focused in project development. The parametric scoring process does not result in work orders or project cost estimates, but will provide parametric deferred maintenance values necessary for reporting. The results of the parametric assessment provide parks with valuable information to help determine which assets need project development most.

Parametric Scoring Process

This video provides an overview of the process and the steps involved to implement parametrics in parks.

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Parametric Method Scoring Scale

The parametric method scoring scale uses a Green, Yellow, Red approach to determine condition.  First, you will determine if a system is in good (green), fair (yellow), or poor (red) condition.  Then, to add further detail, you will classify the system’s condition numerically within the Green/Yellow/Red scale.  Definitions assist you with determining the general condition of the system.

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Parametric Rating Scale






Parametric Guidance

Parametric resources are available online in the Parametric Guidance section of the revamp SharePoint site.


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