Federal Supervisory and Managerial Framework and Guidance

Screenshot of pages from the Federal Supervisory and Managerial Framework and GuidanceThis framework helps you develop your skills as a supervisor and manager – whether you’re already in the role or hope to be someday. The charts and descriptions provide direction on your development. They also have helped the National Park Service – alongside countless other Federal agencies – define supervisory positions and decide which skills should be the focus of training.

Leading in any Federal agency comes with unique challenges that require supervisors and managers to both act and react with decisiveness, savvy, credibility, and competence. For this reason, your proficiency in leadership competencies and human resources technical knowledge is important. If you hope to be an effective supervisors and leader, your skills in impacting employee engagement, communicating expectations, and effecting organizational performance are key.

The National Park Service uses these resources to focus on developing effective leaders so we as an organization can move the needle on employee engagement and retention.

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