On-boarding Resources for Supervisors


You’ve gone through the hiring process and selected a candidate. Now what?

There’s a lot to consider when bringing on a new employee, including:

  • How will they fit into your work group?
  • What are your expectations? And what roles and responsibilities will they have?
  • What are the first tasks or projects you’ll assign them?
  • Do you have the necessary equipment, supplies, and resources to get them started?

It’s important to have an on-boarding strategy in place. Below, you’ll find a list of resources to help you develop a plan for the first week or two with a new employee on your team.

On-boarding Resources

  • New Employee/Supervisor Orientation Handbook – A reference guide that provides answers to many of the questions new employees ask about personnel and administrative matters.
  • Top 10: Quality On-boarding Tips – This document was created to help supervisors have conversations with new employees that facilitate employee engagement, increase and accelerate time-to-productivity, encourage communications, and help employees connect to the mission.
  • New Employee Supervisor Checklist – This document serves as a list of recommended activities to complete in order to equip your new employee with the tools and information needed to get started in their new position. It contains both transactional items (i.e., forms to complete) as well as critical discussions to have with your new employee in order to provide a welcoming introduction to the National Park Service and your park or office.
  • Meet and Greet Card – This card will provide new employees with pertinent contact information for immediate supervisors, HR specialists, and, if desired, co-workers.



For more information regarding on-boarding new employees, email the New Employee Orientation Program (NEO).

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