Office of Outreach, Education, and Training


The Office of Outreach, Education and Training oversees several preservation programs that aim to promote relevancy and diversity of the National Park Service through public outreach and education.  The office oversees the Cultural Resource Diversity Internship Program, which provides internship opportunities throughout the NPS to diverse youth, as well as the various Heritage Initiatives, which seek to highlight the nation’s diversity through the NPS’s historic resources.  It also oversees the Teaching with Historic Places Program and the Travel Itinerary Series, which highlight National Register properties a educational tools, as well as the Federal Preservation Institute, which provides educational and engagement opportunities for the larger Federal preservation community.

What you’ll find

  • Internship information for diverse undergraduate and graduate students interested in career exploration
  • Theme studies documenting the richness of various underrepresented communities, with an aim at increasing representations within the National Register and National Historic Landmark programs
  • The Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) website offers lesson plans and a variety of products and activities that help teachers bring historic places into the classroom
  • Self-guided road trips that highlight significant historic sites and and various historic themes
  • The Federal Preservation Institute offers training and educational resources for Federal Preservation Officers and others involved in preservation in the Federal government

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