NPS Urban Agenda


The NPS, through its many programs and parks, has much to offer the urban dweller: a sense of place, an escape from cubicle confines, recognition that everyone’s history is important, a restored and accessible waterfront, and a threshold experience to a greater outdoors.

Where is the NPS going with urban parks?

It is time that the NPS strategically organize its many urban parks and programs towards building relevancy for all Americans, to connect with their lives where they live, rather than only where some may spend their vacation.

The Call to [Urban] Action

  • 80% of Americans now live in cities, there is a clear call to strengthen our urban presence and broaden the base of understanding and support for the NPS
  • Urban areas represent the clearest channel for engaging the next generation of conservationists, preservationists, environmental leaders and stewards of the nation’s cultural heritage
  • The NPS Urban Agenda recommends an unprecedented strategic alignment of parks, programs and partnerships to leverage the full portfolio of the NPS resources within urban areas

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