NPS New Employee Toolkit


The NPS New Employee Toolkit is a one-stop-shop for new employees that provides important on-boarding resources. These resources aren’t just for new employees, however. They’re great references for any NPS employee!

What You’ll Find

  • New Employee Handbook: This handbook is intended to help you understand the entire on-boarding process and provide answers to many of the questions new employees ask about personnel and administrative matters.
  • New Employee Checklists: These checklists were created to assist you through the first few days, weeks and months as a new employee with the National Park Service. Using the checklist and accessing the helpful websites in this document will assist you through the entire orientation process. They have a checklist for Permanent and Term employees and a checklist for Seasonal and Temporary employees.
  • Payroll Forms: The Official Mailing Address form and Direct Deposit form enable you keep your personal information up to date.
  • NPS Acronym Decoder: Many NPS employees use acronyms and “short-hand” language to communicate with one another. Unsure what “GRCA” means? Use the decoder to find out!
  • Resources for Supervisors and Managers: Supervisors play a vital role in the success of new employees. Use the following tools to help you plan ahead and prepare for on-boarding new employees.

Additional Resources

  • Welcome New NPS Employees! Webinar: This interactive 1-hour webinar covers the on-boarding resources you need to be successful in your new NPS career.
  • NPS Fundamentals: This training program is designed to serve as the foundation for all careers in the NPS. The mission of the program is to invest in new employees, deepen their understanding of the NPS mission and operations, and build their commitment to the NPS core values.

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