NPS Management Policies 2006 – Chapter 6: Wilderness Preservation and Management

What It Is

The policies contained in Chapter 6: Wilderness Preservation and Management provide guidance in the management of designated, recommended, potential and proposed wilderness areas located within National Park Service lands. Covered topics include:

  • Wilderness eligibility considerations
  • Resource management
  • Scientific activities
  • Fire management
  • Trails and campsites
  • Signage
  • Native American access and use
  • Rights-of-way

Why It Matters

Fifty-three percent of National Park System lands are designated as wilderness, with additional acreage in more than twenty-five parks proposed or recommended for wilderness designation. Consistency across the NPS system in the management and planning of these areas is vital, particularly with the ever increasing number of visitors enjoying NPS wilderness areas.

Additional Information

The policies in this document are supplemented by Director’s Order #41: Wilderness Stewardship and Reference Manual 41, which accompanies the director’s order. Those documents should be referred to for more detailed information on the topics covered in this chapter.


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