NPS Learning and Development Report (2008)


How does an agency meet the challenge of “assuring that all employees have equal access to training and development opportunities” when those employees are in such distant places as the Gates of the Arctic or American Samoa? The 2008 Learning & Development report describes the needs and challenges based on a 2006 all-employee survey. The report makes extensive recommendations and provides overviews of existing and proposed programs.

What You’ll Find

A 47-page PDF with sections covering the following:

  • Organizational Collaboration and Accountability:
    • A Holistic View of Learning and Employee Development
    • Learning and Development: A Framework Proposed NPS Learning and Development Program Model
  • Steering Committee Recommendations
  • NPS Fundamentals Training Program
  • Career Field Foundations Academy
  • NPS Leadership Development:
    • First 80 Hours of Supervision Training
    • Emerging Leaders Academy
    • NPS Leadership Academy
    • New Superintendents Academy
    • Instructor Training and Certification
    • Mather Distance Learning Center
    • Formal Relationships with Academic Institutions
    • NPS Training Facilities
    • Structures for Increased Communication and Collaboration
    • Immediate Recommendations for Implementation.

For More Information

Director’s Order 33 (DO-33): Director’s Order 33 supplements the Management Policies 2006 paragraphs on career development and training and on succession planning (MP and and develops operating policies necessary to implement the scope and overarching intent of the 2008 Learning and Development Report.


In the time since the 2008 release of this report have the goals been achieved or been attempted? Which programs are flourishing and why? Which ones are less successful and why?


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