NPS IE&V Strategic Plan–Achieving Relevance in Our Second Century

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Achieving Relevance in Our Second Century is the NPS IE&V Strategic Plan, published by the National Council for Interpretation, Volunteers and Education in 2014. The document is subtitled A Five-year Interdisciplinary Strategy for Interpretation, Education and Volunteers as We Enter the Second Century of the National Park Service.

With a forward by Associate Director, Julia Washburn, this document articulates the overarching vision that:

The National Park Service is recognized as a valued and significant educator and a trusted interpreter of America’s stories and heritage. All audiences have multiple opportunities for participatory, transformative experiences that promote stewardship and relevant, inclusive, and active learning.

What You’ll Find

This document lays out a strategy and action plan around four broad outcomes:

  • Relevance and Inclusion
  • Educational Leadership
  • Active Engagement
  • Business Acumen

In the section entitled How to Use this Plan, the document asserts that all parks, partners and I&E practitioners should work toward the stated shared goals:

This plan is meant to be useful to everyone in the National Park Service who has an interest in increasing the relevance of parks. It is designed to provide guidance on setting priorities and helps us decide what to do more of, what to do less of, and what to do differently so that we can all move in the same direction as an organization toward common outcomes. The goals can and should be accomplished at all levels and within a variety of NPS programs and disciplines. The strategies provide high-impact approaches that many of us can work toward accomplishing.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this paper. The have outlined their goals and sub goals very nicely in word and photographs. They are all inclusive with cultures, rituals, communities, people, everything. They are diverse in their activities, their membership, their relevance. They include all aspects of life with all peoples, all aspects education, leadership, participation.

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