NPS Fundamentals: Resources for New Employees

Being a new employee during an ongoing pandemic can be stressful for many. The NPS Fundamentals Program is committed to providing opportunities for you to build your professional and personal development during this time. As we look at current training options and potential new ones, we are committed to using technologies that allow us to reach employees at any location while looking forward to resuming our residential courses.  

Note: The following resources are open to all NPS employees, volunteers, and partners.

The NPS and You: An Introduction to the National Park Service Webinar

Join us as we explore foundational concepts that contribute to the success of all employees, volunteers, and partners to meet the mission of the National Park Service. During this two-hour webinar we’ll look at the what makes a unit nationally significant and build connections between the work you do and the mission of the National Park Service. Learn more and register for the webinar

Welcome New NPS Employees Resources Webinar

This interactive 1-hour webinar covers where and how to obtain on-boarding resources you need to be successful in your new NPS career. This webinar is open to all new NPS employees—permanent, term, and seasonal employees and is offered monthly.

NPS Fundamentals Essentials

Are all parks the same?  How is the work divided?  How are the sites managed?  What do the different divisions do? Known as “Essentials,” these topics provide insight into how the National Park Service manages the entire system of parks and programs to accomplish its mission.  Reading through each topic gives an overview at the most basic level with opportunities to link to more in-depth, specific information.

Who We Are NPS Fundamentals Essentials Who We Are badge with a ranger hat

NPS Fundamentals Essentials Better Together badge with a four puzzle piecesBetter Together

NPS Fundamentals Essentials What We Do badge with a log cabinWhat We Do

NPS Fundamentals Essentials For the Best NPS badge with diverse hands shakingFor the Best NPS

NPS Core Values Article

The NPS core values are commitments – or deeply held beliefs – for how we, as employees, accomplish the NPS mission. Core values influence how we do our work, how we interact with each other, and how we are recognized as an agency both internally and externally. In this interactive article from GOAL academy, read more about NPS Core Values and reflect on their role in the work you do.

History of the National Park Service Self-Paces Course

In this online course, you will learn about the ideas that formed and transformed the National Park Service, the people who supplied those ideas, and the laws that shaped the NPS. 

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