NPS Fundamentals: Resources for New Employees

NPS Fundamentals


Being a new employee during an ongoing pandemic can be stressful for many. The NPS Fundamentals Program is committed to providing opportunities for you to build your professional and personal development during this time. As we look at current training options and potential new ones, we are committed to using technologies that allow us to reach employees at any location while looking forward to resuming our residential courses.

These courses are open to all NPS employees, volunteers, and partners.

Welcome New NPS Employees!

Instructor-led Online Class. Learn more, find classes, & register »

First things first! This one-hour online class shows you the information and forms you need to get started in your new NPS career. This online class is open to all new NPS employees—permanent, term, and seasonal employees.

Tell your supervisor about the companion class for supervisors, On-boarding for Success: A Supervisor’s Primer »

NPS Fundamentals: Introductory Concepts for New Employees

Instructor-led Online Class. Learn more, find classes, & register »

Meet other new employees online and work together building knowledge you can put to work immediately! The NPS Fundamentals team introduces new employees to the National Park Service and the bureau’s five NPS Universal Competencies: mission comprehension, fundamental values, agency orientation, resource stewardship, and NPS operations.

NPS Fundamentals Essentials

Self-paced Reading & Activities. Get started »

What makes a park, a park? Who does what? And who’s in charge? Explore these essential topics to find out how the National Park Service manages the entire system of parks and programs to accomplish its mission.

NPS Core Values

Self-paced Reading. Get started »

Respect. Integrity. Tradition. Excellence. Shared stewardship. These core values are commitments – or deeply held beliefs – for how we, as employees, accomplish the NPS mission. Our core values influence how we work, interact with each other, and are recognized as an agency.


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