NPS Fundamentals Residential Program Invites Mid-Career Employees to Participate

The National Park Service (NPS) Fundamentals Residential Program is a well-known, popular program designed for on-boarding new employees. This two-week residential program provides the tools, knowledge, and connections new employees need to be successful in their roles, further the National Park Service goals, priorities, and values, and continue to make a valuable contribution to the National Park Service for years to come.

By welcoming mid-career employees (those with at least 10 years of service) and those who have never attended the program, NPS Fundamentals is able to utilize their institutional knowledge and experience to enhance the learning of new NPS employees. Additionally, this program offers opportunities for mid-career employees to re-engage with the NPS mission and values and build professional development skills that lead to enhanced performance in the workplace.

5 Reasons Why Mid-Career Employees Should Attend:

  1. Re-energizes employees further along in their career
  2. Further develops career and leadership competencies
  3. Offers an opportunity to network with a variety of operations and levels
  4. Includes informal coaching and mentoring opportunities
  5. Provides access to experts and perspectives in different career fields

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