NPS Fundamentals Residential Program for FY20

NPS Fundamentals Program

Updated NPS Fundamentals

The NPS Fundamentals Residential Program on-boards new permanent employees by providing the opportunity to understand the NPS Mission, organization, and basic operations.The program is pleased to announce FY20 class dates! This training and overview of the National Park Service is essential to the successful orientation, integration, and development of new employees. The NPS’ goal is to reach every new employee within their first two years of employment.

A key event in the on-boarding process has been a 2-week residential session at Albright Training Center located in Grand Canyon National Park. We recognize, however, that with the complexities of life many employees are unable to be away from work and personal life responsibilities for 10 days. Starting in FY20, the Fundamentals Program will expand and offer five day classes beginning in November 2019 and On-the-Road classes beginning in January 2020. If you are a new employee and would benefit from attending a shorter class or one that is closer to your park or office, consider these options!

We are excited to continue to bring new variety and options to the Fundamentals Program to better meet employee and agency needs. Albright Training Center will remain the heart of the program, now with 8-day and 5-day options, while also providing an opportunity for mid-career employees who did not attend Fundamentals upon entering the Service. Additionally, On-the-Road classes will be available in which the Fundamentals program will collaborate with parks to offer the program in locations around the Service.

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Fundamentals travel is paid for by the Fundamentals Program. The Park/Unit/Region does NOT pay associated travel costs and travel to Fundamentals does not affect your Park/Unit/Region travel ceiling. We look forward to seeing you at Fundamentals! Welcome to the NPS!


If you have any questions, please email Kimble Talley at kimble_talley@nps.gov.

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