NPS FLP Mentoring Program


The Mentorship Pilot Program was created by a team of Future Leader 2019 grads and is being piloted to the Future Leader class of 2019 cohort. In this mentorship program, each graduate of the 2019 FLP class has the opportunity to pair up with a mentor; the mentor, an experienced person, provides the mentee with information, advice, and guidance using skills and real-life experiences. The mentoring relationships will be tracked for one year in order to collect data on the effectiveness of mentoring relationships. The data will then be delivered to each region of the NPS to show that a service-wide program will benefit the agency and its employees.

The Future Leaders Program page on the CLP offers many resources to guide mentors and mentees through the entire relationship and to help them be productive and remain on track. If you are a participant in the program and have any questions, please reach out to your Point of Contact. If you cannot reach them, feel free to contact Margo Blewett (margo_blewett@nps.gov). We truly hope this program proves beneficial to you in your career and personal development.

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