What It Is

Former NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis issued an initiative called A Call-to-Action Goal #32, Play It Safe. This standard of practice empowers employees to use critical thinking skills in daily risk management decisions and encourages employees to embrace safety as part of their professional identity.

There are many aspects included in the topic of Risk Management:

This initiative is a part of a service-wide effort to develop a workforce that can adapt to continuous change, think systemically, evaluate risk, and collaborate with communities to meet mission goals and create an environment where all employees can reach their full potential.

Why It Matters

Of the 133+ federal agencies, the National Park Service consistently has one of the highest injury and fatality rates among its employees, experiencing Line-of-Duty and On-Duty loss of 86 employees in the last 25 years. From 2005 to 2010, over 3,800 employees were hurt in such a manner they were not able to return to work the next day, and for some, many more days.

Due to the inherent dangers that working outside can create, we must do everything we can in order to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors.

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