NPS Essentials: Public Risk Management Program

What It Is

While the NPS Mission to conserve the scenery and the history is of the utmost importance, providing enjoyment and keeping people safe is paramount. “The saving of human life will take precedence over all other management actions as the NPS strives to protect human life and provide for injury-free visits”, NPS Management Policy

Why It Matters

In conjunction with this policy, park units will rely on supporting reference manuals:

  • Director’s Orders 50C explaining how to identify threats to persons and property
  • Inter-divisional responsibility to visitor risk management (example natural and cultural resources should define what risks and hazards are)
  • Responsibility to identify and repair facilities that pose public risk
  • Visitor contact staff have the responsibility to inform and educate visitors about potential hazards
  • All employees, no matter what your position, can take an active role in providing for visitor and employee safety

Additional Information

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