NPS Essentials: Commercial Use Authorization

Commercial Use Authorization

The Business Services directorate provides guidance for both Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) and Concession Management. For further information for these, please refer to NPS Essentials for Commercial Services.

CUAs are mentioned here because VRP employees often serve in a role to administer or help regulate such activities. CUAs are also frequently issued in conjunction with a special park use permit to authorize sales or other commercial activities.

Not to be confused with concession contracts, a CUA is a permit that authorizes suitable commercial services to a park that are determined to be an appropriate use of the park, will have minimal impact on park resources and values, and are consistent with the purpose for which the unit was established.

Appropriate fees to recover any associated management and administrative costs may be charged.

For more information about how to manage a CUA program on InsideNPS.

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