NPS Education Professional Manager


  • Do you want to encourage your employees to learn and connect to relevant partners?
  • Do you want new ideas to build the best team?
  • Do you need additional skills around cultural competency?

The Education Professional Manager Competency was designed with the education manager in mind, however those tasked with similar jobs or those aspiring to manage an education program are encouraged to review the competency and take a class.

An NPS Education Professional Manager is someone who seeks to:

  • Build a dynamic education team
  • Create an effective work environment
  • Develop strategic education plan with team
  • Strongly advocate for and support education programs
  • Cultivate resilient and productive education partnerships
  • Institute a culture of learning based on assessment and evaluation

Check out the training tab for a upcoming course or search on the CLP for resources.


  • What strategies do you employ to build up your team?
  • How mindful are you about your work environment (share an example)?
  • Do your education program have a strategic plan?

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