NPS Education Professional: Developer and Implementer

Competency: Creating Education Programs

  • Do you want to truly engage students who visit your park?
  • Do you want to connect with new audiences and diverse students?
  • Do you want to take a deeper dive into educational standards?

This competency was designed with the education specialist in mind but offers the education technician and/or coordinator the tools they need to be successful in developing and implementing curriculum-based education in their park or office.

An NPS Education Professional Developer/Implementer is someone who:

  • Coordinates educational services/program logistics
  • Collaborates with internal and external partners and stakeholders
  • Facilitates the development of educational programs, services, materials and/or personnel
  • Evaluates educational programs/services/materials

As a result of this revised competency, a live and virtual 4-day course, Developing and Implementing Curriculum-based Education Programs and Services, was designed. The session topics for this course include:

  • Relevancy in Educational Practices
  • Practical Planning and Program Logistics
  • Safety and Security Issues
  • Funding: Internal and External Sources
  • Short and Long Range Planning
  • Partnerships
  • Organizational Culture of NPS and partners
  • Educational Standards
  • Learning Styles and Human Development
  • Accessibility

Additional Resources

Below are a few resources used during the last course in March 2016:

  • Achieving Relevance in Our 2nd Century – This plan helps the National Park Service ensure that our historic heritage, as a living part of our nation’s continuing story, has relevance to 21st-century audiences and learners, and that current and future generations are motivated to share in its preservation.
  • Mapping Exercise Instructions – Use this exercise to help you generate ideas about potential partnerships and connections that can be made within your community.
  • All In Accessibility in the NPS – The National Park Service Director created an Accessibility Task Force to recommend a more effective organizational approach to improving accessibility across the service. Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of park, regional, and servicewide leaders, the task force created this strategic plan with specific strategies on how to make parks and programs accessible to a broader range of audiences. These strategies are focused on actions needed to build momentum, augment capacity, and accelerate real improvements over the next five years (2015–2020).
  • Educator Technology Toolkit – This toolkit lists technologies (e.g. apps, multimedia projects, interactive texts, etc.) and resources (e.g. presentation tools, writing support, etc.) educators can access to improve their programs and products.

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