Partnering to Inspire: Understanding NPS Director’s Order 32

Cooperating Associations and Partnerships

Updated NPS Cooperating Associations and Partnerships


Are you interested in learning more about the National Park Service’s Cooperating Associations, including understanding this important partnership; its history, role, and function; and the application of Director’s Order (DO) 32 and Reference Manual (RM) 32?

This is the first webinar in a series of planned webinars focused on important topics in Cooperating Associations and partnerships. This session explores the myriad of NPS partnerships from Cooperating Associations to Friends Groups to Concessioners. You will review what makes a nonprofit organization a nonprofit and discuss the structure and governance of a 501c3 organization, and what makes cooperating associations unique. The session ends with a cursory look at the intent, purpose, and implementation of NPS DO 32 which guides managers and staff who work in partnership with Cooperating Associations.

Primary Audience

This webinar is geared towards Superintendents, Division Chiefs, Program Managers, and any NPS employees who work with NPS Cooperating Associations and Cooperating Association staff.

What You Will Learn

  • Partner Culture Awareness: Understanding how non-profit organizations operate and how to better engage with our Association partners
  • Understand critical sections of DO 32 policy
  • Provide a forum to discuss how to apply various aspects of DO/RM 32
  • Understand where to find guidance when working with Cooperating Association partners

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Additional Resources

Check out what the policy, DO 32 and RM 32, says about our partnership with Cooperating Associations.

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