Partnering to Inspire: Promoting a Sustainable Business Environment


Are you interested in learning how you can promote a sustainable business environment collaboratively with your cooperating associations and partnerships?

The third webinar in the Partnering to Inspire webinar series examines Director’s Order 32: Cooperating Associations, which mandates parks take action to promote a sustainable business environment for cooperating associations. The pandemic intensified the need to support our cooperating association partners, and this webinar features many case studies illustrating specific actions that parks have taken to support their cooperating associations through innovative adaptive recovery measures, collaborative decision-making, active listening, field staff cooperation, website and social media promotion, innovative product selection, and alternative sales venues. The recorded webinar will inspire parks to develop new ways to support their cooperating associations.

Primary Audience

This webinar is intended for Superintendents, Park Program Managers, Cooperating Association Executive Directors, Park Cooperating Association Coordinators, and any other NPS and cooperating association employees interested in the topic.

What You Will Learn

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand relevant sections of Directors Order 32 and Resource Manual 32 mandating parks to promote a sustainable business environment;
  • Understand challenges to cooperating associations caused by the pandemic and its consequences;
  • Promote collaboration and cooperation between parks and their cooperating associations;
  • Highlight examples of innovative actions taken by parks to promote a sustainable business environment; and
  • Inspire their parks to take further actions to promote a sustainable business environment.

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