Partnering to Inspire: Partnership Ethics


Are you interested in learning how you can strategically work with cooperating associations and partnerships and leverage these partnerships while staying within NPS ethical guidelines?

In this second session of the Partnering to Inspire webinar series, you will explore how to make good ethical decisions as federal employees while working with NPS partnerships from Cooperating Associations to our other nonprofit partners. The session ends with real-life scenarios from the field and a chance for managers and staff to get all of their ethics questions answered by DOI ethics advisor, Matt Bigelow.

Primary Audience

This webinar is geared towards Superintendents, Division Chiefs, Program Managers, and any NPS employee who works with NPS Cooperating Associations and Partnerships.

What You Will Learn

This webinar recording:

  • Discusses the importance of good ethical decision-making in relation to NPS partnerships
  • Provides a forum to discuss how to apply various aspects of ethics to DO/RM 32
  • Shares information to help you find ethical guidance when working with Cooperating Association partners
  • Offers ways you can leverage partnerships while staying within ethical guidelines

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