NPS Competencies, An Overview


Competencies are a combination of “knowledge, skills, and abilities in a particular career field which allows employees of the NPS to perform a task at a specifically defined level of proficiency”.

What you’ll find

Competencies are created to specifically define the work that is expected of NPS employees. To ensure that employees and their supervisors know what is required, it is suggested that these questions be asked before beginning a task.

Types of NPS Competencies:

  • General Competency: common to many jobs, such as reading or writing
  • Essential Competency:  forms part of the vital knowledge, skills, and abilities for an individual career field  (This may sometimes be referred to as a technical competency)
  • Shared Competency:  inherent to one career field that crosses over into another career field
  • Common Competency:  describes the knowledge, skills, and abilities found within a family of related jobs
  • Universal Competency: required for all NPS employees, regardless of career field or level of work

Competencies – An Overview provides a deeper dive into competencies. Topics covered include:

  • Competency Models
  • Competency-based Training
  • Knowledge and Performance Levels
  • Competency Analysis Process

Why It Matters

These levels of competence correlate with job performance, and supervisors and managers can measure them against well-accepted performance standards. They provide expectations to be met by employees, as well as benchmarks and direct explanations as to how to improve, if improvement is needed. Validity is provided by experts who pool their expertise to define the work/competencies as they are expected to be executed.


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