Northeast Region (NER) Operational Leadership Resources


From the rugged coast of Maine to the site of the winter encampment of the Continental Army, the Northeast Region is a special place. This comes as no surprise to the employees of the NER parks. Managing these special places requires access to the right resources and tools. Luckily, employees in the NER can find many of them in one place.

The Northeast Region Operational Leadership (OL) SharePoint site offers a one-stop shop for employees of the NER. This robust site provides links to a variety of resources including document libraries and Operational Leadership materials. NOTE:  You must be on an approved NPS network to access these resources.

What you’ll find


Keith Williams (215-597-7701) is the Operational Leadership Training Coordinator for the Northeast Region.

Do you want to see more from the Northeast Region? Visit the Northeast Region CLP page!

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