Nobility of Policing

Franklin Covey Law Enforcement

Updated Basic Law Enforcement Training Program


Policing demands nobility. This full color 62 page book reinforces and reminds officers and their families of the nobility of their work. The book serves as a great reminder of the importance of the contribution law enforcement professionals make by faithfully wearing their badge.

What You’ll Learn

  • Reignite the flame of passion for what policing represents
  • Remember why you came to the profession
  • Learn how to combat the cynicism that often creeps in and destroys the ability to perform with excellence
  • Remember the importance of the contribution you are making by faithfully wearing your badge.


Law Enforcement touches lives and protects the foundation of society. Every action touches a life for good or bad sometimes, in drastic ways.

  • How does law enforcement touch lives in your park?
  • What inspiration did you gain from reading Nobility of Policing?
  • How will you share that inspiration with your colleagues and staff?
  • How can gaining inspiration (and sharing it with your colleagues) improve your job performance?

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