Networks: How Collective Leadership Really Works


There are over 400 units in the National Park Service staffed by over 20,000 employees. Having strong network leadership that encourages innovation is critical to carrying out the mission of the NPS. At some point you will have to turn to someone within your park with help on a project or task. You may even need to reach out to someone outside your park.

The value of networks is undeniable. However, we may have to change our approach towards organization networks to get the most out of them. This white paper examines network leadership and leadership networks. It also looks at what kind of leaders will make the most out of organizational networks.

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I’ve realized that I am with a group of people who feel my pain with the challenges that I am facing. We’re all banging our heads against the same walls and there is the opportunity that if one of us can’t figure it out alone, the collective within a better-built network can. – Jay Carson, Southern Methodist University


It is difficult to come to an agreement on how to define a network. Is network leadership a subfield of leadership? How can network mapping and building paradigms be integrated?


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