NER Visitor Experience Innovation Project – Accepting Applications

Be a leader in creating meaningful visitor experiences!

Convene a team at your park and apply to participate in a FY20 cohort-based learning experience which will support your park and our region to align park experiences with 21st century visitation trends.

The upcoming 250th commemoration of the founding of the United States allows an opportunity to explore themes which cut across National Park Service sites and American history — what is freedom? What does it mean to be a citizen? What will it take to make our imperfect union a more perfect one? The next few years create an ideal opportunity to explore these questions around our region, and to engage new and familiar audiences in meaningful ways.

Building on a FY18-19 pilot project to rethink visitor experiences at historic house museums in the NER, this FY20 project looks to identify interdisciplinary teams at 6-8 park sites in NER who want to apply emerging research in visitor experience and public history to create innovative visitor experiences which explore some of these themes.

Project Objectives

  • Empower park staff to lead change at their sites through data-informed decision-making
  • Create park experiences responsive to emerging visitation trends
  • Steward a vibrant, multi-disciplinary community of practice

Overview of FY20 Activities and Park Requirements

Convene and commit a diverse and interdisciplinary park team of 3-5 innovators who will participate in all activities outlined below:

  • Travel to a 5-day workshop to explore identifying visitation trends and applying data (February 10 – 14, location at an NER park participating in the project, TBD. Travel paid by benefiting account)
  • Participate in four, 90-minute webinars to build relationships across parks and promote peer learning and peer feedback
  • Meet regularly with your park cohort to advance your project
  • Participate in at least four, 60-minute one-on-one professional coaching sessions to apply learning and support strategic planning and implementation

Learn More

Join us for an informational webinar to discuss the project, provide an overview of our planned FY20 activities, and answer questions. Follow the link to join:

What to share this opportunity with a colleague? Download the announcement flyer.

How to Apply

Submit an application by Friday, October 4, 2019. Preview application questions here.

Readiness Factors

Park teams that are most likely to have success participating in this project:

  • Demonstrate both interest and an ability to incorporate this project into their day-to-day operations
  • Identify a park team of 3-5 innovators with diverse skill-sets and roles within the park
  • Can align the work of this project with broader park priorities
  • Can make and implement decisions related to this project, “managing up” within their park


Please reach out to the following individuals:

April Antonellis

Cris Constantine

Nikki Walsh

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