NEPA Topics: Analysis of Cumulative Impacts Webinar


This three-day webinar consists of an in-depth examination of topics related to conducting the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process: direct and indirect impact analysis, cumulative impact analysis and a brief review on integration of other environmental laws into NEPA. Through the course, participants will gain an increased understanding of the legal requirements for cumulative impact analysis and will explore methods for identifying cumulative actions, framing analysis and describing cumulative impacts.

Participants will also get a brief review of other environmental mandates such as the National Historic Preservation Act and the Endangered Species Act and will investigate how to best integrate their requirements into the NEPA process.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Define¬†cumulative impacts and understand the legal requirements for cumulative impact analysis
  • Identify past, present and future actions to be considered in cumulative impact analysis
  • Establish spatial and temporal boundaries for cumulative impact analysis
  • Describe cumulative impacts using available tools and information
  • Describe a variety of environmental laws, executive orders and regulations
  • Explore options for integrating the requirements of environmental mandates into the NEPA process


Target Audience

NPS staff with NEPA compliance responsibilities who have taken an introductory NEPA course and/or who have a working knowledge of NEPA and NPS Director’s Order 12.

Please note that this is class is NOT an introduction to NEPA.

Course Format

Instructor led webinar; 24 hours

Course Dates

There are no upcoming sessions of this course scheduled at this time.



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