Navigating Project Development and Compliance Reviews

Alesha Cerny, Athena Demetry, Hillary Robison, Joe Simkanin, and Amanda Stein

Updated Cultural Resources Stewardship , GOAL Academy


The Navigating Project Development and Compliance Reviews guidebook was developed by Alesha Cerny, Athena Demetry, Hillary Robison, Joe Simkanin, and Amanda Stein as an action learning team project for the 2018 GOAL Academy. Our project vision is to leverage teamwork and understanding across disciplines to enhance the National Park Service culture of protecting resources through thoughtful compliance.

What You’ll Find

The purpose of this guide is to help staff understand the compliance process and why it produces better projects and decisions. It is targeted to staff working to accomplish projects on the ground and provides examples relevant to the full range of work the NPS addresses. Successful application will aid in the development of good projects, protect and enhance our resources, and move projects efficiently through the environmental review process.

Some project proposals and their associated environmental reviews may be relatively simple, many are not. This guide provides a collection of resources including commonly used and misunderstood terminology, best practices, watch-out situations, overview on regulations and policy, compliance process flowcharts, and case studies that provide real-world perspectives.

The guide does not provide definitive solutions to the unlimited number of situations that can arise as you develop a proposal and move through the planning and review process, nor does it replace park-specific compliance procedures. However, it can point you in the right direction and help you develop informed questions to take to your compliance specialists.

Have Further Questions?

Consult with your regional compliance staff or visit the Section 106 Commons group.

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