Natural Resources Online Learning

The following list is comprised of online trainings, webinars, and learning resources to help you enhance your knowledge and skills in Natural Resources.

All of these can be accessed from the comfort of your office or home! Be sure to check back on this page as it is updated often with new resources. If you have any questions please contact Cari Kreshak: cari_kreshak@nps.gov.

Online Training

Introduction to the Career Academy for Natural Resources and Orientation to NPS Natural Resource Management
This set of classes is designed for natural resource professionals at the entry/developmental level, as well as any natural resource professional new to the NPS. Orientation to National Park Service Natural Resource Management is also a good introduction for employees from any career field who are interested in learning more about natural resource management.

Natural Resource Decision Making in a Changing Environment
This course reviews laws and policies that require the NPS to effectively manage resources and avoid impairment to NPS natural and cultural resources, even when faced with a changing and uncertain future.

Geo Spacial Tutorials
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Geospatial Tutorials offer a collection of short videos that demonstrate real-world geospatial applications.

Talking Science
This series of over 10 videos introduces tips & techniques to help you talk with the public about anything from the world of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Scientific Writing
This course contains three self-paced, online lessons designed to improve the quality and readability of scientific writing.

Communication Toolkit
This Communication Toolkit offers guidance to scientists to help build skills to more effectively communicate and engage with public audiences, including ways to apply the fundamentals of communication to scientific topics.

Climate Change Training
The Climate Change Response Program offers training for all NPS employees: park planners and senior park managers; communicators, interpreters, and educators; facility managers; wildland fire managers; natural resource managers; and cultural resource managers


Science Communication: It’s no joke
Jayde Lovell from “Did Someone Say Science?” talks about the importance of science communication – and what we all stand to lose when science isn’t communicated effectively.

Science Communication and Public Engagement Fundamentals
Watch a video from the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting, as they present an introductory workshop in science communication and public engagement.

Science of Climate Change
Find out more about the science behind climate change in national parks.

Drawing Connections
This new climate change video series showcases how national park stories help us live in our changing planet.

Outside Science
The Outside Science series shares stories of crucial, creative science. Each episode highlights the many ways young people are getting involved in science in parks.


Join the Natural Resources and Science Group
Join a community of NPS scientists to consider research results, knowledge gaps, and current projects. The group will discuss scientific issues common to programs and learning centers: sea level rise findings, climate change, wildlife, threatened and endangered species, and more!

Climate Change Conversations
Explore the National Park Service’s unique position in responding to climate change.


Integrated Pest Management Virtual Training Series
Throughout 2021, the NPS Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, in collaboration with the NPS invasive species programs, is hosting weekly webinars on topics such as Invasive Species, Pesticide Safety, Pesticide Use Proposal System (PUPS), and Museum Management. The webinar series is open to all DOI employees and partners. Recordings of past webinars are also available.

Natural Resource Stewardship and Science (NRSS) Monthly Webinar Series
Find out about the work NRSS is doing, what’s happening in the field of science and natural resources, and how you can get involved. This page also includes an archive of past webinars.

The Urban Wildlife Conservation Program Webinar Series
These archived webinars are a resource for conservation professionals looking for innovative community-based solutions for protecting urban wildlife.

NPS Connected Conservation Webinar Series
These monthly webinars highlight topics and tools aimed at furthering the practice of landscape conservation. Explore the webinars – both the archived past webinars and upcoming scheduled webinars – to hear about innovative work underway in the field.

Alda-Kavali Learning Center
Find free 90 minute courses on a set of rotating topics: Know Your Audience, Know Your Goal, Know Your Tactics, and Making Your Case to Congress. The site also offers free monthly webinars on a variety of science communication topics.

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