Having a mentor – a more experienced colleague who helps guide you in your career – can be rewarding both personally and professionally. Mentors can help you learn new skills, advance in your career and find satisfaction in your work.

Why have a mentor? There are many reasons to seek out a mentor. A mentor can help you:

  • Get or expand your technical knowledge. A mentor can help you learn the basics of a new field or master specific technical knowledge of a career.
  • Gain supervisory, management and leadership skills. A mentor can assist you with learning aspects of supervision and leadership, or you can use a mentor as a sounding board to help you deal with supervisory challenges.
  • Explore career options or help you with career planning. Do you want to explore career possibilities in your field of a new career field? A mentor can give you practical advice about the types of experiences and developmental activities that will help you reach your career goals.
  • Be more effective in your job. A mentor can help you develop interpersonal skills and learn how to meet and exceed your manager’s expectations. You can also learn how to stay challenged in your job and find out how to showcase your lesser-known skills.

Additional Information

There are many tools out there to help you find a mentor, network within your field or learn how to be a mentor for someone else.


  • Can you think of how you would like a mentor to help you in your career? Would you like to learn a new skills, explore a career or become a better supervisor?
  • What qualities do you have that you could use to mentor someone else?

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