Mentor and Mentee: Giving and Receiving Feedback


Two of the most important parts of a mentor/mentee relationship is giving and receiving feedback. The Facility Manager Leader Program FMLP provides some good advice to keep in mind when doing both.


A.R.E. U. R.E.A.D.Y. to receiving feedback


E.X.P.R.E.S.S. I.T. when giving feedback.

Receiving Feedback

Giving Feedback

Accepting: accepts the feedback without denial Explanatory: feedback is focused on behavior that can be changed rather than personality
Responsive: willing to hear what is being said without turning the tables Explicit: the focus of the feedback is clearly stated
Engaged: interacts appropriately with the speaker, asking for clarification when needed Perceptive: feedback is delivered with sensitivity to the needs of the other person
Unguarded: openly listens without frequent interruptions or objections Respectful: feedback should be given in a respectful manner
Respectful: recognizes the value of what is being said and the speaker’s right to say it Effectual: feedback is intended to be of value to the other person
Earnest: Genuinely wants to make changes if appropriate Surroundings: feedback should be given in non-threatening, comfortable surroundings
Active Listening: listens carefully and tries to understand the meaning of the feedback Supportive: feedback is delivered in a non-threatening manner
Determined: committed to understanding the behavior that has led to the feedback Illustrative: feedback can be clearly illustrated using examples
You: Understand that this process is to help you, not criticize you Timing: feedback is most effective when given as close to the event as possible


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