Managing and Surviving Disruptions, Re-Organizations and Other Crises


In a time of threats of government shut-down, agency re-organizations, furloughs and¬†doing more with less, the ability to manage the unexpected has gained even more importance. Today’s government employees of all levels must learn how to survive and thrive through¬†disruptions, uncertainty and crisis while still upholding our missions and operations.

In this video, Dr. Melanie Cohen, IT Strategist with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, interviews Dr. Claudine SchWeber of University of Maryland University College about how to cope with and manage disruptions and uncertainty in our organizations, workplaces and lives in ways that leave us stronger and more resilient.

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  • What disruptions and uncertainty have you experienced in your unit or work group? How did you cope both as a team and individually to overcome those disruptions?

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