Managing Curriculum-Based Education: Create an Effective Work Environment

Create an Effective Work Environment

You might manage a small or large education program, but no matter the size or how effective you are in doing so, it really does matter. As someone who oversees the curriculum-based education program in a national park you have the ability to impact the lives of students, teachers, and most importantly staff and volunteers. Studies have shown that employees want to be heard and valued at work.

In this resource you’ll find a list of short videos and articles, guiding questions, and additional resources. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

How to use this resource:

  • Complete the following activity.
  • Review and use the Additional Resources at the bottom.
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  • Join our group in the CLP Commons.


What does an effective work environment look and feel like? Take 1 minute and jot down your ideas. Check out this word cloud that was created from participants in the January 2018 class.

  1. Read the article “How to Practice Mindful Working” by Alaina Love.
  2. Watch the video How to De-Stress in 5 Min or Less (02:31) by Dr. Emma Seppala and practice breathing.
  3. Watch the video Make 2018 a celebration of culture (02:41) by Chris Edmonds of Culture Leadership Charge.
  4. Read the article “10 Phrases you Should Start Saying More Often at Work” by Macel Schwates, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core.

Guiding Questions

  1. Measure, Monitor, and Reward: How can you measure trust and respect, monitor people’s energy and reward healthy work culture?
  2. What is a work culture resolution you can try to implement?
  3. Build Bridges and Increase Trust: Of the 10 phrases which one have you used? What did you learn?
  4. Which of the 10 phrases will you try out? What do you think the benefits of doing so will be?

Additional Resources

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  1. @klrawls – This is an AMAZING resource! I love how there are both informational and interactive elements. There are activities to complete and also guiding questions to help you take your informal learning to the next level. AND links to the CLP Commons so you can discuss the activity with others.

    This is everything I hope all knowledge park resources can be one day. Thank you!


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