Managing your CLP Landing Page


The purpose of this document is to provide instructions for Site Content Approvers (SCA) who are editing their landing page on the Common Learning Portal (CLP) website. This document will provide:

  • Instructions clarifying how to create and edit content
  • Standardization of content creation processes to ensure the site content is consistent, high value, and appropriate.

What you’ll learn

  • Explanation of which users will be able to edit your landing page
  • Definition of a program landing page
  • Technical user documentation (step-by-step instructions about how to manage your page)

Should your content live on the CLP, or should you link to it elsewhere?

Content that lives on the CLP can take multiple forms including:

  • PDFs, Word Documents, and other files uploaded to the CLP Media Library; and
  • Content created directly in the HTML on the page.

When you’re creating your CLP content, you can either create content that lives on the CLP, or you can create a short overview and link out to the content on another website. But how do you decide which is best? This quick-reference decision tree will help you decide where your content should live. If you have further questions, contact anyone from the Distance Learning Group.


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