Manager Advantage: Build Your Professional Capacity


Manager Advantage is a subscription based resource that:

  • Equips managers and supervisors with a definitive “go to” source for quick answers to employee problems
  • Provides best practices and proven strategies for handling common workplace challenges
  • Promotes appropriate actions when addressing performance and conduct issues
  • Strengthens, assists, and fulfills agency managerial training
  • Reduces costly litigation as managers timely and appropriately respond to pressing employee issues
  • Aligns with your agency’s policies

Please note: this resource is only currently available to National Capital Region employees. To gain access to this resource, please contact Erin Noojibail via email.

What You’ll Find

Manager Advantage provides managerial support with authoritative guidance covering more than 90 workplace topics organized into 13 distinct categories:

  1. Conflict Resolution and Hearings
  2. Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  3. Hiring and Retention
  4. Labor-Management Relations
  5. Leadership: Advanced Skills
  6. Leadership: Core Skills
  7. Leave and Attendance
  8. Manager Conduct
  9. Misconduct and Discipline
  10. Pay and Benefits
  11. Performance Management
  12. Workers’ Compensation
  13. Title 38 (coming soon!)


To learn more about this resource and how you can join, please contact Erin Noojibail.

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